How to turn your complete website into mobile SMS notifications

Web push notifications as well as SMS notifications are very popular these days. Email marketing notifications usually reach a wide internet audience and according to statistics around one-third of the world’s population uses email. But still, the open rate of emails is very less as compared to normal SMS notifications as they cannot be used as instant alerts because there is a high chance that the internet connection is off at customers’ end or they put off viewing their emails for many hours. Many times, there are chances that email messages go into the spam folder because of any reason. SMS is best suited for timely messaging as well as urgent communications such as, to update the customer about the product status. It helps customers to have the proper update about the product/ transactional update/ credit card bill payment reminder etc.

SMS notifications are making life easier without an internet connection also. SMS notifications use reliable connections which guarantees 100% delivery. Many people these days are preferring websites or applications which has the option of getting SMS notifications because of their vast benefits such as

Login with OTP: It allows the users to register or log in to their account just by entering the mobile number and OTP.

Register OTP: It allows users to register any new website/ application using only phone no and OTP.

Password Reset OTP: It allows the user to reset the password using OTP and then the user will be redirected to the update password page.

All WooCommerce SMS notifications: By Using WooCommerce SMS notifications seller and buyer can get all the notification about their order via SMS using SMS Alert which include the following:
1. Make an order SMS notification.
2. Order completed SMS notification.
3. Refund order SMS notification.
4. Order Status change SMS notification.
5. Abundant cart SMS notification.

Promotional messages: Using promotional messages brand inform customers of promotions, discounts, and offers and it helps the marketers to increase customer engagement and rocket sales.

Transactional alert SMS: These SMSes are used for account balance or transaction notification which are not for marketing purposes.

Multi-Language support 87+: Refers to send SMS in Multi languages with the support of around 87+ languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, etc. With the help of our system, you can get the option to send messages in multiple languages.

Google form integration: Using google form integrations, you can create custom forms to create multiple surveys at no cost. Responses will be gathered in the spreadsheet which can be easily shared with anyone.

Following Integrations and Supported platforms

CRM: CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” which states all strategies, tools, and technologies used by companies for retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers. CRM ensures that all the steps of customer interaction go smoothly and efficiently. For CRM integrations we make use of:
1. Zoho
2. Bitrix 24

Spread Sheet: It is very easy to send any SMS from spreadsheets without depending upon any third-party tools or enterprisers. Integrations with spreadsheets offer many benefits such as sending customized SMS to all contacts, use already created SMS templates, send automates SMS whenever required, send SMS when a new record is added to the sheet. For spreadsheet integration we two options:
1. Google Sheets
2. Microsoft Excel

E-commerce: eCommerce has rapidly taken up today’s market. However, e-commerce always comes with some set of expectations and standards. Moreover, the online market can be more prone to changes in demand due to negative or positive online/offline reviews. We always need to ensure that our customers are happy, which can be done by keeping them informed about everything about their product which in turn can increase the customers’ engagement. Some of the examples are to Confirm online orders, send payment reminders, remind consumers of their existing wish lists, encourage happy customers to leave reviews on social media or online, etc. For integration we use:
1. WooCommmerce
2. Shopify
3. OpenCart
4. Magento
5. CS-Cart

Automation: When it comes to information sharing, product updates, transactional updates SMS are playing a major role in our day-to-day life. But the challenge is to send a similar type of message to different customers. Sending all these updates one by one will be a difficult job so, you can automate your online sales messages, transactional messages, product status messages to your customers by integrations of SMS with automation. For integrations with automation we use:
1. Zapier
2. Integromat
3. Zoho Flow
4. Appipie
5. Pabbly

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