Best Payment Gateway In India To Accept Payments For Online Business

Payment Gateway


1. 15 Minutes settlement feature.
2. No hidden cost.
3. No maintenance charges.
4. No Annual Fees.
5. Lowest fees 1.80% as compared to all other payment gateways.
6. Send links manually to your customers and receive payments to your bank account.
5. A dedicated dashboard for a payment gateway owner where they can track their all payments.

A payment gateway is a facility offered for an e-commerce application which authorizes debit card, credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses or online retailers. It verifies the customer’s card details, make sure that the funds are available, and allows merchants to get paid. It acts as a gate between a merchant’s website and its customer. It encrypts all the sensitive information like credit card details to ensure that the information is passed securely from the customer to the bank. In simple words, the payment gateway acts as the middleman between your merchant and customer, ensuring the transaction is conducted securely. The payment gateway can be provided directly by a bank to its customers and can be provided by a financial service provider. We serve as a financial services provider and can provide you multiple benefits for payment gateways.

What we provide

Payment Gateway: No hidden charges, subscription fees, annual fees, and no maintenance charges for the gateway. We do a one-day payment settlement and currently, we are working on making the settlement 15 minutes.

Payouts: Easy payouts to any UPI ID, Amazon pay, Phone pe, Paytm, etc with 24*7 hours availability. Availability of Instant and automated bulk payouts directly from your Bank Account.

Auto-Collect: Auto-Collect offers you to manage payments automatically. It creates multiple Virtual Account which can receive and reconcile NEFT, IMPS & UPI payments automatically which can be easily trackable.

Marketplace Settlements: It can automatically split payments with the vendors after every sale. The calculation for payment is always correct and on time. All the online, as well as office payments, can be added to our application.

Subscriptions: You can add recurring payments accounts to your system and using our subscriptions you can automate all your recurring payments using our application.

UPI Stack: It allows all bank account holders in India to transfer and receive payments instantly from their smartphones without entering bank account information. For using UPI, customers must have a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and link it to any bank account.

International payments in 30 currencies: Enables users to transfer payments internationally very easily. For now, we are offering international payments in 30 currencies.

Sell online and grow your business.

These days there are many online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc which have made it very easy for entrepreneurs to start their business online. A rise in the number of online customers has encouraged many entrepreneurs to expand or shift their products to online selling. The buyers also preferring to do online shopping these days because of the many befits provided by almost every online marketplace. For your e-commerce store, we offer ready to use plugins that can be directly integrated with your e-commerce store such as:

1) Shopify
2) Woocommerce
4) Magento
5) CS-cart
6) Open Cart
7) Presta Shop

Compatible with the latest mobile Payments:

Currently, there are many payment applications available in the market which are rising in the market these days because of their benefits. Using those applications customers can easily transfer money to any account without account details instead of using the phone number. These applications enable customers to send money to anyone’s account with a single click and it will be available in the receiver’s account within some minutes. We are compatible with all those latest mobile payment applications such as:

a) Amazon Pay
b) Google pay
c) Phone Pe
d) PayTm & all other BHIM UPI supported.

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